Ronnola (ronnola) wrote in mickronson,

Color me...

To be deeply impressed and touched by the track Color Me from Mick Ronson’s posthumous album, It would be enough to know that lyrics had been inspired by an alternative cure for cancer (color therapy). Not to mention BRILLIANT guitar work and bass line (also played by Mick) pulsing through the song like a beat of the heart in desperate hope. But there’s even more, if you read Goldmine article on Mick, you know that vocal and guitar were recordered April, 24, 1993, just 5 days before his death - !!! The more uneasy feeling gives me the changes in mix made later by his colleagues. It even led to the point when reviewers would write that Color Me sang by David Bowie. Yes, we really can hear his vocal, and in his most attractive tones, but we hear both David and Ronno. Was it really necessary to mix two vocals on such a personal and poignant song? I’m not sure. As well as about Play that guitar bit, that nearly break the spell of the terrific solo – if it’s possible to break Ronno spell at all.

Thankfully, we have alternative mix with Mick vocals only, with solo you can really enjoy and with additional vocal bit that touches even more.

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