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A little note for Ronno's birthday

Beautiful man born in a beautiful month of spring... We have wild roses starting to blossom exactly around this date. Here and there on my way to work. I feel their smell, and smell of cut grass and I think of Mick and his time as a gardener. /Also, wasn't white rose a symbol of Yorks? Far fetched but nice :)/ It's fascinating to read his bio. Gorgeous lad who could end up being landscape gardener... top-class chef... cello player... and became a Rock God. With his classical music background he would add enchanting details to songs, when his guitar sound would interlace with keys or sounded like a harpsichord, taking you far away in centuries. As far as times when court musicians would wear some glittering breeches, "girly" shoes and of course splendid long hair – in a word, just like him in Spiders times. :) He wrote amazing string arrangements, notably on “Life On Mars” where it sounds like fireworks of diamonds and on “Perfect Day” where it’s both tender and solemn, melancholic but inspiring. His guitar playing easily expressed full range of emotions, from rage to tenderness. Some people would say he wasn’t a “flashy” player – but he didn’t need that, he could be absolutely irresistible just playing chords. He didn’t only play – he had something else about him that charmed and attracted. It never looked like he posed as a star – he was one, not really trying to show that, not even being aware of that. It was natural – the more attractive. And his solo albums were amazing – just listen to his vocals on Empty Bed… superb. 
…In his solo tour in 1974 he performed “Page 43” and there was a line “Life is fine – even with the ups and downs”. Judging by all I read about him, he lived this way. We all should.
Happy Birthday, Ronno!

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