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Some news...

Hi all, hopefully there's still someone here...

Ronno documentary - we're still waiting.
Promo -

Meanwhile, Ronno is featured in other doc, The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople, premiered last weekend at London Film Festival and due to be released on DVD next year.

Upcoming Visible Targets retrospective CD will contain some unreleased tracks produced by Mick, one of them - He's The Boy - you can hear here - (scroll down to see the player with the song)

The Mamas And The Papas' 4 track Mick played on were finally released on Many Mamas, Many Papas CD this year.

Also, I need your help - what do you think of this track? It's found as bonus to Bowie bootleg - and it certainly doesn't sound like Bowie.

P.S. If someone of you members of this community have Facebook account, I would gladly meet you there. Here's some of the gorgeous stuff you can find there... :-)

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